GINKOBO CO.LTD. is a Japanese jewelry manufacturing company.
we will announce our new products"ATEYAKA"
this jewelry we creat is a collaboration with traditional
Japanese craftsmanship techniques such as Urushi (Japanese lacquer) and pottery.
The visions ​​we want to express
"manufacturing with a sense of culture and intelligence"
"respect for the technology of Japanese ancient craftsman"
"challenging difficulties and innovation."
Come and see the ideas and techniques for jewelry that are unique in the world and can only be created


There is a traditional Japanese custom called "origami." In Japanese, "ori" means folding and "gami" means paper.
Origami has been used in ceremonial occasions since ancient times,
and we recognize the sacred value in the act of folding
thin objects to form something that goes beyond simple aesthetic beauty.


"RASEN" means helix. Apart from its graphical definition,
this design is sometimes expressed with philosophical meanings such as an individual's view of life and death or cycles in nature. by adopting this design,
we hope to express how the technology passed down from ancient times will continue in the future.


This etymology is a compound word of "Maki" which means "to sow" and "e" which means "picture" or "pattern". It is a Japanese lacquer decoration technique in which pictures, patterns, letters, etc. are drawn with lacquer on the surface of lacquerware, and materials such as gold, silver, and shells are sprinkled on the surface. We have been thinking about the possibility of adding individuality and aesthetic elements that would further highlight the natural beauty of pearls.



Company name : GINKOBO.CO.LTD
CEO : Kotaro Sugihara
Location : 9 Arakawa Otsu-shi shiga 5200513 JAPAN
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